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#1 Taxi Service in Ventura Ca on LinkedI
Five Star Taxi Service In Ventura Ca
Five Star Taxi Service In Ventura Ca
Five Star Taxi Service In Ventura Ca
Five Star Taxi Service In Ventura Ca
Five Star Taxi Service In Ventura Ca

© Gold Coast Cab 2176 N. Ventura Ave. Ventura CA. 93001 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2007 to 2019 © 

Since 2014 our business has been attacked by Mr. Bendaoud. Owner of Rosie Taxi.

I warned him to stop the attacks and he has not. 

This page will go away when you stop all the attacks, slander, accusations, lies, defamation of character deception and harassing. 

You remove all the negative reviews you posted at Facebook, Yelp, Google, Twitter and all reviews posted. All 97 reviews. 

(Transparency Has No Room For Deception)

Non Fiction Written by Jim Carmona, 
Gold Coast Cab Ventura CA, 93001  USA
All Rights Reserved July 2019

Evidence to Prove & Ensure Without Doubt Business Terrorism

By One Person

Abdellatif Bendaoud owner @ Rosie Taxi Cab

This page will be removed as soon as you remove all 

the nasty reviews you posted online about us and our business.   

Superior Court of California County of Ventura. Online Public Access FREE LOOK UP! Just enter DL# and View Mr. Bendaouds Record For FREE & YOU WILL SEE! 

Mr. Bendaoud Criminal Record look at how many violations. Non-Citizen only in US 6 years and over 30 violations.

Terrorist Abdellatif Bendaoud Algeria Born citizen, living in the USA.

August 2013 Mr. Bendaoud answered an ad I was running on Craigslist. I interviewed him and gave him a contract as taxi driver for my company at Gold Coast Cab. In the first month he received a traffic infraction and one negative review on yelp. In the second month a second traffic infraction. I then canceled his contract and let him go. Approximately 8 months later he called my driver Shari. Then Shari calls and asks me to meet him at the Carrows restaurant in Ventura. I drove over and seen Mr. Bendaoud talking with Shari. He asks me if he could work here again. I was very hesitant. Mr. Bendaoud continued to ask please please Please! repeatedly. He tells me he is employed at Rosie Cleaning Service in Santa Barbara California. He said he drives 6 days a week over 150 miles each day with no traffic tickets for 7 months now. He then literally got on his hands and knees grabbing my legs. Begging me please please let me drive again. This was not a good feeling. I have never had anyone do something like that, it was not a good feeling. I should have said no. My kind hart said ok I will give you a second chance just get up off your knees.

This was the worst decision I think I have ever made.

The first month we had a slight communication issue but seem to get better and everything was going ok with the driving side of the job. The second month Mr. Bendaoud did not turn in his Driver Logs with his lease payment. Owing 2 weeks of lease at $350.00 per week. Mr. Bendaoud crashed the taxi into a cement light post. He crashed very hard and was no sign of slowing down. No skid marks on the asphalt. I look over the parking lot where he crashed the taxi and see a woman and ask Mr. Bendaoud who she is. He states that’s my wife. I am wondering why she is here. I ask him and he had no answer. This was very odd and as time goes on, I find out why she was there. I did not realize that he had crashed on purpose till months later. I was informed by my insurance company he tried to put a claim in for injuries. This crash was no accident. Now our taxi is totaled the frame is bent. I ask Mr. Bendaoud to pay for the damages but he was yelling and screaming at me that the accident was my fault. He said you sent me a text and that is why I crashed the taxi. “I don’t pay you nothing” he stated.

I ask Mr. Bendoaud if he would drive the car back to the shop if it’s still drivable. I checked to see if the engine starts and if it’s safe enough to drive back. Our shop is about 5 miles from the scene of the crash. Then we proceed to drive back as I follow close behind with my hazard lights on. We arrive at the shop just as the taxi over heated from damage to the radiator. Mr. Bendoaud tells me he can fix the taxi for $200.00. I told him I would get a quote from my repair man and give him a price. I told him that the damages will exceed more than $2,000.00 and $200.00 was not even close to what he needed to pay for damages. He tells me…I quote him (“Your cars piece of shit and not worth 10 dollars”). I told him to get in my car and I will drive you home. Your contract is now terminated. He curst me the whole way home. Telling me…I quote him again…(“I will start my own taxi company and destroy your shit company you wait I will take you out if it’s my last dying breath you going down”) I ask him why he is so angry, after all you crashed my taxi I should be the one yelling and screaming. You should be grateful I gave you a second chance to drive for us. I then dropped Mr. Bendaoud off across the street from his apartment. Hoping never to see him again.

  By the end of the day our business on Google had received 3 negative reviews. By the last week of the month approximately late September 2014 Mr. Bendaoud called me and said I quote him again…(“I have my company ROSIE TAXI CAB now… you going down piece of shit…. and how you like reviews I put on you…hahaha! piece of shit!”) by this time we had received over 30 negative reviews posted at Google and Yelp.


This is “only” the beginning.

February 8th, 2015, our business listing on Google My Business was closed and suspended by Google. I called and ask why our business was not showing? I was informed that it was reported as a spam listing and closed indefinitely. They informed me that I needed to send them a utility bill with the company name and addressed to Gold Coast Cab to prove we are real and not spam. I ask the Google representative how our business was considered spam and he told me the public has marked it spam. I followed all the instructions the Google rep ask. I was told to give it a week or two and see if Google allows us to be listed again. I hung up the phone and guess who calls? Yep I quote Mr. Bendaoud (laughing stating what happened to your Google listing…Ha Ha Ha I am king of taxis you are shit don’t forget that…ha ha ha) un-quote. Our business listing on Google was not showing for 2 months till Google allowed us back on. We lost all our reviews even the ones Mr. Bendaoud posted with his fake screen names. Now our top listing was at the bottom of all the taxi companies. We lost a huge amount of income in the two months we were not listed. Google is the top website for consumers and if you’re not on Google you’re not in business. I had 9 drivers and 6 taxi working when our business listing was closed and removed. We were not on Google for almost 2 full months. When our listing came back I had only 5 drivers left and running only 3 taxis because of no business. Just another way Mr. Bendaoud has terrorized our business. This person Abdellatif Bendaoud has harassed me, my drivers, or my clients in one way or another almost every single day since the day his contract was terminated in 2014. Mr. Bendaoud has attacked me personally as he was arrested for assault and battery.





 He attacks my business, he terrorizes my co-workers, attacks us on Facebook, Yelp, Google, Twitter, and every place our business is online. Every day we have been under attack in the month of August 2019 with over 3 thousand phone calls made by Mr. Bendaoud blocking his phone number laughing and playing music on the phone. I called the Ventura police and they tried to get him to stop. Report Number 19-63116 Officer Gonzalez #522. You might ask us why don’t you not answer blocked phone calls? The Camarillo Premium Outlets only call with blocked phone numbers and we must answer the calls.

On 3/17/15 I was assaulted at the Camarillo Train Station. Mr. Bendaoud was arrested by Camarillo Police Department. Officer C. Pugh, ID Number 2900 Report Number 15-6040.

3/17/15. Mr. Bendaoud approached me and my drivers at the Camarillo train station. I had driven form DMV in Ventura to replace the license plate tag on one of our taxis and it was parked at the Camarillo train station. I called and Shari said come to Camarillo and put my sticker on the plate for me. As I pulled in at the Camarillo train station a second driver for our company was there as well. Both had been sitting for quite a while waiting on trains hopping to make money. Our listing is at the bottom of Google, so we sit and wait at train stations hopping to get a person needing a ride. As I am placing the new sticker on the license plate Mr. Bendaoud shows up in his illegal taxi and parks in the red. The red curb is for Vista busses and yellow is for the taxis and train riders to park. Mr. Bendaoud dose this all the time. He will wait across the street until he hears the train coming. Then he pulls in front of everyone while passenger exit the train yelling taxi taxi taxi anyone need a taxi. I grabbed my phone and began to take pictures the violation. This is a violation because his taxi is not legal, and he is parked in the red. I have a few images of this day and it shows him parked in the red with an illegal taxi. I can present this proof if needed at any time. As I am taking the picture Mr. Bendaoud approaches me, yelling stop taking pictures as he grabbed my phone from my hand and punched me in the face. There were many people on the station platform and seen all that had happened. The Ventura County Sheriffs arrived and spoke with many people on the platform. They arrested Mr. Bendaoud and told me to leave the area. They were going to release him from custody, and it would be best for me to leave.

A few months later Mr. Bendaoud filed CH-100 a Request for Civil Harassment Restating Order. I was served by Ventura County Sheriffs, at 3755 Nyeland Ave. Oxnard CA, 93036. I requested help at our Government Center 800 S. Victoria Ave. Ventura. The help desk told me I needed to respond to this court order for harassment. I really have not time for this as we are struggling to stay in business due to lake of revenue due to the online attacks, reviews and destructions of our Google listing. She said if you do not respond to this CH-100 that the judge will grant him this order. I ask when I need to respond by, and she tells me before the court date. She said read over all the plaintiff has written and respond with these forms. I read from beginning to end and realize if the judge reads this, he will throw it out of court because Mr. Bendaoud contradicts himself many times and lies about the assault at the Camarillo Train Station.  Everything Mr. Bendaoud has written in this CH-100 is a lie and has no truth to it at all. The day came and we both appeared in the court room waiting for our case to be called. After waiting and waiting the Judge called our case. We both Mr. Bendaoud and I approached the bench and ask to raise our hands and swore the truth. Then we sat down for a few minutes as The Judge read all that Mr. Bendaoud had written in his complaint and request for this restraining order. The Judge then tells Mr. Bendaoud to stand up. He told Mr. Bendaoud that his request had no merit and warned him not to never use the courts time like this again or he would place him in jail for misusing the court system. The Judge then ask me to stand and told me that I was free to go with no restraint at all. The case was dismissed. Just another way Mr. Bendaoud is harassing us.



In the summer of 2016, I transported a client to Bakersfield California. The ride went well, and the client was happy. The client wrote a nice review on Facebook. Soon after the review was posted Mr. Bendaoud replied to this review. This is what he wrote, 

  I quote him. (Since you have been harassing me all over social media and offline …I am taking couple mn from my time to respond to you. First off, I confirm I am not a citizen yet BUT I am not a criminal like you. Carmona Jimmy has a bad criminal record and he was arrested several times. He has sexual harassment and public intoxication, and the list long. Carmona Jimmy was convicted of sexual assault on a teenager who wants to use his service gold coast cab?) un-quote. Remember this is a reply to a review posted by a client and nothing to do with Mr. Bendouad but the reply came within a few minutes of the review. Mr. Bendaoud is always watching our review status. Mr. Bendaoud has written hundreds of negative reviews at Gold Coast Cab. Ever time we receive a positive review within a few hours we receive a negative review posted by Mr. Bendaoud. He uses hundreds of fake screen names and accounts.

   Mr. Bendaoud has used the US mail to try and still me identity. Mr. Bendaoud has applied for credit cards in my name. Mr. Bendaoud has applied for bank loans in my name. I have received over 300 pieces of mail addressed to Mr. Bendaoud of Gold Coast Cab at 3755 Nyeland Ave. Oxnard 93036. I have received everything from loan applications to verified loans of thousands of dollars over the last 4 years. Credit applications and credit checks by Dunn & Bradstreet. If the court needs the mail for proof, I can produce the letters at any time. These letters are proof of mail fraud and identity theft.  Just another way Mr. Bendaoud has harassed my business and me personally.

  Now I have reported him to the FCC filed a formal report online. I have reported this harassment to Homeland Security and filed a formal complaint there as well. I have filed a formal complaint online with the US Postmaster General. I have called the Ventura County Sheriffs Department more than 13 times. Practically begging for help to make Mr. Bendaoud stop calling us and showing up at our business. Mr. Bendoaud would frequently visit our business address at 3755 Nyeland Ave. Oxnard. He took pictures of our broken taxis and then post them on our Google Business page. While visiting our address he throws nails down our driveway. In one month, we had more than 7 flat tires due to nails and screws found in our driveway. I have video cameras showing Mr. Bendaoud at 3755 Nyeland Ave. well after he was told by the Sheriff’s department not to come on the property. Mr. Bendaoud has stolen our license plates of one of our taxis while parked at one of our drivers house overnight. We know this because he approached Shari a day later and yelled out, I quote Mr. Bendoaud…( Don’t mess with my taxi plates or I will fuck you don’t mess with my plate) un-quote. Nearly every time Mr. Bendaoud writes a negative review, he calls us just before posting it, stating how you like me now and laughs like a deranged psychopath.

Mr. Bendaoud on many occasions has tried to run us off the road in his taxi. My Driver Shari has almost been forced into a head on collision diving east bound Santa Rosa Rd in Camarillo CA. On several occasions more than 20 times Mr. Bendaoud has fallowed our taxis watching where and who we pick up. Mr. Bendaoud followed Shari to one of our regular client’s home. He waited till Shari exited the parking lot and approached our client Mr. Craig Smith.  Mr. Smith is a handy caped individual simply walking into his apartment as Mr. Bendaoud approaches him and tells Mr. Smith that he works with the law enforcement and is investigating Gold Coast Cab. He continues to question Mr. Smith asking him questions about Gold Coast Cab. Mr. Smith quit using our service for a few weeks. Then he called and ask to talk with me. I called Mr. Smith, and this is when I found out what Mr. Bendaoud had done. Mr. Smith was very concerned and worried. I explained to Mr. Smith what was going on with Mr. Bendaoud. I explained to him that he was not the only one Mr. Bendaoud had approached this way. On several occasions Mr. Bendaoud has followed us before and waits till we drop of our clients at stores and then proceeds to approach them in the same manner. He has followed a few of our clients in department stores telling them the same thing and asking questions about Gold Coast Cab. Our clients will testify to this happening to them. One of our clients came out of the store and told our driver about what had happened. As the taxi exits the parking lot, they see Mr. Bendaoud following them. I can assume that we have lost clients by this harassing and deceptive person Mr. Bendaoud. I was informed that impersonating law enforcement is a crime.

Just a few of the screen names abdellatif is using. 

Fake Accounts created by Bendaoud

The list keeps going but

You get the idea. It's all fraud.

As of today 9/8/19 I have found

more than 165 negative reviews

posted by this sick person

    Mr. Abdellatif Bendaoud. 

His contract at Gold Coast Cab was terminated in 2014 for theft.


Remember Ben if you remove all the 

nasty fake reviews I will delete this


Until then I will continue to post

every review you post and images just the same. 

Click Below to see for yourself


Better Business Bureau®

Business Details

This is a multi-location business.  Need to find a different location?

Location of This Business
PO Box 803, Summerland, CA 93067-0803
Email this Business

BBB File Opened:2/11/2013

Years in Business:19

Business Started:4/19/1999

Business Started Locally:4/19/1999

Business Incorporated:4/8/2012 in CA

Accredited Since:2/15/2013

Type of Entity:Corporation

Contact Information

Customer Contact

  • Ms. Rosie Reynolds-Bendaoud, President

Another Fraud Listing 

Mr. Bendaoud 

Click The Link Below To See The Live Listing. 

Contact Information


CAMARILLO, CA  93010-6518

 Phone: 805-366-9424


Non-emergency Medical Transport (VAN)

A land vehicle with a capacity to meet special height, clearance, access, and seating, for the conveyance of persons in non-emergency situations. The vehicle may or may not be required to meet local county or state regulations.

Mr. Bendaoud has no such vehicles Fraud Listing 

Proof at The Better Business Bureau.  This person was refunded the fee do to fake taxi cab used to transport her. @Rosie Taxi Cab....Spam Company



Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

Status: Answered 



Rosie Taxi Cab agreed to a 9:00 AM pickup for us at our house. The "taxi" arrived 10 minutes late. The vehicle they sent was not displaying any posted rates, did not have a meter, did not even have any indication it was a taxi. The driver was not able to show a taxi permit, a taxi driver license, or even a driver license on demand. This violates all of the taxi laws of Camarillo and Ventura and is completely unacceptable.


Rosie Taxi Cab Response


I will refund her $35.00.

Thank you

This company is still working with personal cars not taxis. Still today. 9/27/18

This company has no taxi permits and should not be listed on GMB.

It's not just my company under attack.

Mr. Bendaoud Posts Negative Reviews on Others as Well. He Ranks #1 on Google Search Results by placing negative reviews on the competition & positive reviews for himself. 

Reviews posted by  Brian Wilson posted in Jan. 2018

1. Consulate General of Algeria In New York

Enough is enough. Reading some people’s reviews expressing their frustration and the way they have been treated just corroborate and put in light my feedback. Literally if I have to describe it as the worst place to deal with. I am from California and I have planned a business trip to Algeria in order to facilitate co-investment but this consulate just don’t do their job properly. Delay after delay, then another delay ( I think they thought we are in 3rd world lol ) I can’t delay on my business and i am sorry no one picks up the phone good luck with that folks. I AM OUT. I DONT WANNA INVEST WITH YOU. Please stop calling my office. Brian. J. Wilson E,Vp. Wilson Grp. Inc.

In this review note all caps used when he is angry.  Why is the owner of a taxi company (Camarillo Cab Service) taking a (business trip to Algeria in order to facilitate co-investment)  This review by Brian Wilson Sounds a bit fishy to me?? 

This review is posted at Oxnard Taxi By Rosie Taix Cab. Attacking & Hurting the competition 

Review Posted By Brian Wilson  Posted July 2017

2. Oxnard Taxi

Worst cab !! Overpriced and the car was very dirty. $32.15 for 4 miles ! I'd give 0 stars if I could, maybe even negative. A car showed up by the name of taxi taxi ....the driver identified himself by James, while going from Oxnard transit center to the river park collection , they charged us $32.15 for 4 miles driving WAY EXAGGERATED (double what another cab charged to take us from OTC TO COLLECTION We were in a hurry, so no choice. I did call Oxnard Police and report this scam co. Beware and ask what you're getting before committing.

You will notice I have used Bold Letters to show a pattern of the same words used over and over again. In ALL the reviews posted (with different screen names)

This review is posted at Oxnard Taxi By Rosie Taix Cab. Hurting the competition 

3. Review Posted By Amber Lawrence July 2017

I had a very bad experience with Oxnard taxi taxi. Not only that I had to wait for 40 minutes for the driver to pick me up but they also overcharged me. For only 3.6 miles I was charged $25. Stay away, they will rip you off.

Response from the owner

This review is false , Amber Lawrence happends to be one of our owner taxi operators . Don't really want to mention cab co. that wrote fake review using one of are driver name. Same company that put up Brian Wilson ,karma Reversible . Oxnard taxi co permitted and insured !!

This company (Oxnard Taxi) is one of the competing taxi companies in our local area

This review is posted at Oxnard Taxi By Rosie Taix Cab. Hurting the competition 

4. Review Posted By William Anderson   July 2017

Poor service, price changed from $38.00 to $65.00 Rip off !! I called ahead for a quote as I was arriving on a train. From point A to point B, i was quoted about $38.00, for an approximately 10.0mi ride. When I got in the cab, I opened up Google Maps to follow progress, and watched as the driver took his own way, not even using GPS in the car. The 10.0mi ride turned into a 17.6mi ride that also consisted of a tolled road, that was completely unnecessary, costing me $65.00 Upon calling and complaining, I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. I will never use this service again. All his 5 stars reviews are 100 % fake. The time frame between each review is one day or one week. How come someone overcharge customers and can't take responsibility for initial fare and have all these 5 stars reviews ? Look each date of each reviews.....they were posted in all same day and you realize that is all fake.


Response from the owner 


There are no tolled roads with in 70 miles of Ventura County or Oxnard CA. It seems someone is attaching Oxnard Taxi

Why is William Anderson So Concerned about Oxnard Taxis Reviwes?

5. Review Posted By Curtis Godfrey   July 2016

This was the worst cab ride ever !! I called and made a reservation to take my girlfriend to the airport. Needless to say the driver was late, then he had the nerve to try to blame my girlfriend for his mistake. She was very uncomfortable and she was in tears by the time she arrived at airport. Never will I ever send my girl anywhere with this company.

Response from the owner 

This Fake Review is Written By Abdellatif Bendaoud Owner of Rosie Taxi Cab. SAD FOR YOU.....YOU HAVE NO SHAME :( This is why your business is failing):


The response by the owner is Me Jim Carmona this is my company being reviewed. 

Review By Gaetan Easton  December 2017

Never ever call this place for a cab! This place is not professional. I Called to get picked up at the Moorpark Amtrak Station they said it would be about 15mins. 48 mins later I decided to call to know the status of my request of course they kept dropping my calls and when I was finally able to speak with someone they were so rude saying " Well we haven't found a driver for you yet so you could either wait or cancel the request!"

Response from the owner

This Fake Review is Written By Abdellatif Bendaoud Owner of Rosie Taxi Cab. SAD FOR YOU.....YOU HAVE NO SHAME :( This is why your business is failing):

We stopped servicing Moorpark in early 2017 do to Uber. Our fleet of taxis shrank do to loss of business. It's just to far to travel for economic reasons. So to give someone a 15mins ETA is truly a lie. Note: how he uses the word 15mins it will show up again in a different user name just keep reading. 

This review is fake. 

This review is written by Rosie Taxi Cab. Posted review for Gold Coast Cab

Review By  Sonia Gallegos  July 2017

Very bad service! Over one hour late both times that I have called for a pick up!!

Response from the owner

This Fake Review is Written By Abdellatif Bendaoud Owner of Rosie Taxi Cab. SAD FOR YOU.....YOU HAVE NO SHAME :( This is why your business is failing):

Are you starting to see a pattern of writing style? Keep Reading You Won't Believe the lies and Deception. The Gross disregard for Google My Business Policy Terms & Conditions.  



Today is 9/26/18 and we received another review from Mr. Bendaoud again today. 

Melissa Lynne

4 reviews

17 hours ago

Lousy Unprofessional Service and Unethical. This taxi Should be Avoided!!
My name's Melissa I ordered a taxi from gold coast cab and when the driver showed up 1 hr late for some unknown and unjustified reasons I had no choice to get to my appointment ASAP. At my surprise the cars were smelly and old. Terrible customer service cant let you know they were coming late. When I left that Police taxi car I was in a hurry to get to my meeting and I accidentally left my phone in the back of their taxi and they were no help. Driver would not even check to see if there was a phone in the back seat. jimmy was a terrible driver that has no ethical works.
Worst taxi service ever. Will always use
Uber or Lyft from now on.

This review is written by Rosie Taxi Cab. Posted review for Gold Coast Cab

Ashlee Davidson

1 review

a year ago-


This review is written by Rosie Taxi Cab. Posted review for (AD TAXI) 

Ricco Lavanza

★★★★★ 6 months ago one star review. 


It's not just my company under attack.

Mr. Bendaoud Posts Negative Reviews on Others as Well. He Ranks #1 on Google Search Results by placing negative reviews on the competition & positive reviews for himself. 

This review is written by Rosie Taxi Cab. Posted review for Gold Coast Cab

Ricci Lavanzo

1 review

2 weeks ago-

They cancelled my reservation without telling me. They only decided to tell me they cancelled my reservation when I called to confirm the day before. They told me that I should call at the time I need the taxi and then they could send a car. The whole point of reserving a car AHEAD OF TIME was to avoid having to call and wait for a car at the time we needed it. SO IRRESPONSIBLE

Mr. Bendaoud must have 100's of screen names on Google. He is using the screen names to write negative reviews at all the taxicab companies in the local area. PLEASE check the IP addresses to each of the reviews. Look at the writing style of the reviews and you will see it's the same person with many screen names. Mr. Bendaoud. 

Part 4 Proof by images and links

I will be notifying immigration as well I don't think the USA needs a business terrorist here. It's note just the hate he has for Gold Coast Cab but the rest of the taxi cab companies are suffering his abuse. 

Note Use of ALL CAPS


image of a fake review writen by owner of rosie taxi cab


Mr. Bendaoud has so much hate he wont capitalize our company name.

Review of Gold Coast Cab
image of reviews at gold coast cab
image of a fake review writen by owner of rosie taxi cab

Mr. Bendaoud is Terrorizing all the Local Taxi Cab Companies. Ranking Manipulation by Review Manipulation... Beat up the competition while writing positive reviews for himself. 

This is not my company but looks like the same person writing fake reviews to control ranking. This way Rosie Taxi Cab stays above everyone. Ranking Manipulation by Review Manipulation. This company is competing with Rosie Taxi Cab 

I could list more Google Reviews, I have over 25 reviews to post here. If you need more just let me know. 

All Non-Google Reviews Posted by The Same Person Using Mutible Sceen Names & Accounts.

This guy really needs to be stopped. Mr. Bendaoud is a very angry person and will stop at nothing to manipulate & discriminate

  ALL the competing taxi business in our local area. 

Google Please Help Us?


Remove Both Listings.

owned & operated by

Mr. Bendaoud

  1. Rosie Taxi Cab @ 3700 Dean Dr. Ventura, CA. 93003 

  2. Oxnard taxi cab @ 3384 Orange Dr. Oxnard, CA. 93036

  3. rosietaxicab.com

If needed I can produce more Non-Google Reviews.

April 2007, I started Gold Coast Cab with one taxicab driving night and day for more than 4 months. I saved enough money to buy a second taxi & found a second driver. With two of us now driving we began to grow. In early 2010 we listed our company Gold Coast Cab on Google at "Google Places for Business". In late 2010, I started Camarillo Taxi Service. I rented some office space at 5999 Ridge View St. Camarillo CA. and listed it at "Google Places for Business" Working every day 24/7 trying to make profit. The first 3 years were trial and error. In mid-2012 we had 7 taxis. In mid-2013 we had 12 taxis and 16 drivers. Success finally making profit and having fun. Things were getting better.

  Then in early September 2013 we hired a new driver by then name of Ben. Within the 1st month Ben had 1 accident and 2 traffic citations. We never had a claim on our commercial insurance policy until this driver. Ben's driver contract was terminated at the end of that month due to poor driving skills. February 2014 Ben returned and ask for his contract as taxi driver be reinstated. He told me he was driving for a company called Rosie's Cleaning Service out of Santa Barbara and was driving every day. He said I have many miles now and no accidents or traffic tickets. I was opposed to this idea and was very reluctant to reinstate his contract. Mr. Bendaoud began to beg for his job back and literally fell to his hand & knees at my feet and begged me to reinstate his contract. I had never felt like this before... I felt some kind of shame or embarrassed for him.....I felt kinda guilty...  I did not know he loved this job so much. Or at least it seemed that way. I reinstated Mr. Bendaoud's contract.


  Within about 3 months Mr. Bendaoud began to have issues with following directions from our dispatcher. He was warned 3 times to keep his taxi clean. He began to have issues with the other drivers. He was late paying his lease to the company and lost his paperwork 2 times. He drove till April 2014 and was terminated again for crashing our taxi into a cement post. This time he totaled our taxi it was a complete loss and gave me the finger. He told me he was not going to pay for any damages. He said he was going to start his own taxi company and put us out of business. He became very hostile and used profanity in yelling at us for reasons unknown. I told him his contract was terminated. Don't ever try to come back here again! He was very angry! Very Very Angry!

  The very next day we received (four 1 star reviews) at our listing (Ventura Taxi Cabs). I listed it in early 2011 on Google at (Google Places for Business) and (eight 1 star reviews) at our listing Gold Coast Cab and (two 1 star reviews at our listing Camarillo Taxi Service. Within a week Mr. Bendaoud started his terrorism with nasty text messages and phone calls. The first month he must have called us over 2000 times and sent more than 600 text messages. I called the police and reported the harassment. The police came to our office and looked at our call logs and cell phones. He seen the 100's of text messages sent from his phone number. The police officer called Mr. Bendaoud and warned him. This seem to work for about 2 weeks.

May 2014 Mr. Bendaoud has now started "Rosie Taxicab" Listed on Google at Google My Business. The threatening phone calls started again. No text but many calls from a caller (Marked Private) "No Caller ID".  In the first year he had no taxicab he used his personal car a 2001 or 2002 silver Toyota Prius.  He installed a taxi meter and a roof light that read TAXI on it but, no name or any type of identity...NO business name on it. The only thing identifiable are business cards printed Rosie Taxicab and placed them everywhere he could. Just the same as we do. He began removing our business cards at the local bars and hotels. We place our advertisement in the hotel lobbies, bars, bus station, transit centers and many other places and when we go back are spot is gone and his in its place. That's fine with this. Everyone has a fair place to compete. I kind of sucks that he removes our cards and places his in it's place, but what can you do. Just keep working and hope he stops or goes away. Meanwhile the calls (Marked Private) call more frequently laughing and playing Arabic music. This person calls at least 150 times per day EVERY DAY! Blocked Phone Number (Marked Private). I wonder who it could be? 

  In Early 2015 Mr. Bendaoud finally place his business name on the side of the silver Toyota Prius and has a second car with NO markings, taxi meter or roof light on it. Nothing identifiable to signify it's even a taxi. The only thing one the black Toyota Prius is "Square Credit Card Stickers on the windows". You will see this car in the video I placed below. This car is mentioned in a complaint posted by a client at his BBB page. Stating that this black Toyota Prius was used to taxi her. She states she was not convinced it was a legal taxi or a legal taxi business. I will post this link and review below. 


    Now we have to deal with Uber. In mid-2015 we started trying to compete with Uber. If business was not bad enough dealing with the (Phone Calls) EVERYDAY! we are at 5 taxis now and competing with Uber is only a dream...there is no competition Uber wins hands down. In the first year we were slowly losing the fight. Now in 2018 there is no fight. We only get what we have as regular clients that did not like Uber and are still calling us. We just don't acquire clients like we used to. Thank God we were established long before Mr. Bendaoud or Uber. Now with Lyft in full swing business is tight. Looks like Mr. Bendaoud picked a bad time to start a cab company. For nearly the last 3 years we have seen firsthand what Mr. Bendaoud has been doing and it's disgusting, absolutely disgusting.  Cheating lying steeling harassing our clients. Harassing our drivers. Harassing us online in every way you could think of and more.

Since the day Mr. Bendaoud's driver contract was terminated. He has consistently harassed us in EVERY way he can think of.