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Meet Our Taxicab Drivers


All our drivers must submit a drug & alcohol test to the Ventura Police Department before driving our taxis. All drivers will undergo an intensive background check by the Ventura Police Department before driving our taxis. We can bring & train good people to be cab drivers. We cannot and will not hire bad people and train them to be good cab drivers. Anyone can drive a taxi, but not just anyone can be a taxi driver at this company..

Want to drive here don't waist your time if you are not a good person.

Taxi Safety.... It's Our Responsibility to Make it Our Priority! Safe Ride in Ventura

Our taxi cabs are maintained in house. We take our cabs to “Firestone Complete Auto Care” for safety inspections every 3 months. The Ventura Police Department inspects our taxis every year for safety and code complacence. Our meters are calibrated by a state certified meter shop Taxi Equipment INC. in Los Angeles every year. Our taxi meters are inspected for calibration by Ventura County Weights & Measures every year. Our taxis are sanitized and cleaned by Cruz Mobile Detailing Service once a week, and washed inside and out by the drivers every day..

Get Your Taxi ON!
image of taxi driver with coustomer driving taxi cab
  • “Hello I am Shari. I am so honored to meet you. I have traveled many countries & many cities with in them. I found Ventura in 2007. Lucky for me I do not need to travel anymore.. Taxi cab driving now 15 years 6 hear at Gold Coast Cab.I communicate in many languages. Come ride with me and I will show you good professional taxi service in Ventura CA,”


Shari P. 



  • I am Jenny Look for me in a Camarillo Taxi Cab and I will give you the best taxi ride you will ever have.” My promise to you. I will always give you a safe taxi ride, respect your wishes & even give you a discount if you are a little down on your luck. Jenny. AKA "Cam Cab" Taxicabs in Camarillo.


Jenny C. 



  • Change Your Taxi-Change Your Life.......I am Rick “I will change your world.” When you are down, I will make you laugh & if your on dope I will give you hope. I am a "Cab Driver" I don't Just Drive a Cab. (Peopl Love) that's what I do. Look for me in the Silver Bullet "Cab 4 You" I dive mostly day shift.  PLEASE DON'T DRINK & DRIVE 


Rick L.  

image of ventura taxi service in ventura ca
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