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Taxi Service in Ventura Ca. Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week. We are Gold Coast Cab and Airport Taxi Service.

 I am Jim Carmona owner and operator established 2007. Ventura California is a little piece of paradise. We are all lucky to live and work in the beautiful city. Thank you for visiting our website and choosing our taxi service.


 On this page you will find information for taxi service, transportation service, local restaurants and local businesses working and serving the city of Ventura. You will find links to Ventura’s local bars nightclubs, parks and recreation as well as things to do in Ventura. If you are new to this area this is the website for you.

 We have a full fleet of taxicab sedans and taxi vans. Taxi to all airports is less than shuttle service when 2 or more ride. Book local taxi service online and save 20% off every time you need taxi service in Ventura. Scan the site below to find more information about taxis and the city of Ventura. Once again thank you for choosing our service, Gold Coast Cab & Airport Taxi.


From Ventura to LAX

Save money & time with our flat rate airport transportation. We can accommodate up to 7 passengers with our taxi vans or a more personal ride in our sedans. We offer our service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Travel from Ventura to any airport in style without all the people and stops most shuttle services offer. Ride non-stop to Burbank airport, Santa Barbara airport, LAX, Oxnard airport, Camarillo airport, Santa Paula airport and more.

 Gold Coast Cab is your local taxi service. Book your airport transportation late night or early morning to get the lowest flat rates. Starting at $99 dollars for one person to some locations. Remember if you’re trying to save on the fee book your transportation on off hours like after 9:00 pm or before 4 am. Best price is off hours. 

Event Transportation in Ventura CA, Book Online Save 20% Off 24 Hours

Do you have an event to plan for? We offer transportation for large and small events. We know you have enough to worry about when planning an event. No need to worry about transportation anymore. Hire our taxi service for your next event and save huge without losing quality and dependability.

 Don’t worry even if your event is on a holiday. You can still save money even on a holiday. Our service operates every day 24 hours 7 days a week so, stop worrying about transportation book it in advance ensure service for your future event today.

Image of Taxi Cab Van Working in Ventura CA

The holidays bring people together

and sometimes in large numbers.

Event transportation is available 24 hours.

Gold Coast Cab wants to remind you.

Please Don't Drink & Drive.  

Our Friends In Ventura Ca.

Here you will find local businesses in the communities of Ventura Ca. USA. 

Hotels, Motels, Lodging, Beach Resorts, Inn's & Suites 
Beaches, Camping, Boating, Parks, Hiking & Biking
Live Bands, Bars, Lounges
Local Pub's & Night Clubs
image of a taxicab driving in Ventura CA.

Ride Share ~VS~  Taxi Service

Big Business Uber & Lyft

(Advertise This)

"Drive on your own schedule when you have time or just feel like driving to make a little-extra-money." This means drive when you feel like it!

This is why surge pricing happens. Not enough drivers make the wait time longer & the "Price Surge" happen.

Pay More & Wait Longer. Why does this happen? Because some or most of the drivers did not feel like it.

(Small Business Taxi Service)

We have drivers on 24 hours 7 days a week since 2006.

Our drivers are not here to make a "little-extra-money."

Our drivers are here to make a living. Why are they still cab drivers?

Because they love what they do. When you become a regular at Gold Coast Cab you will see the same driver and ride in the same taxis. You will become part of our family of friends.

Reliability & Dependability is what makes it a service.

Rideshare is not a service, rideshare is an option and is what it is.... Rideshare with a stranger in a stranger’s car.

  All throughout the 1900 hundreds and even till 2014 when rideshare started in Ventura. We all were taught not to get in a stranger’s car. this was called "hitchhiking."

 ~According to California Vehicle Code 21957:~

 "No person shall stand in a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride from the driver of any vehicle." While hitchhiking through California is legal.

Gold Coast Cab taxi drivers in Ventura have “Taxi Permits issued by the Chief of Police”, after an intense background check, by the Ventura Police with a drug & alcohol test.

With Rideshare Uber & Lyft, No drug & alcohol test, background check inhouse by Uber & Lyft. No law enforcement involved.

image of Ventura Train at Hobo Jungle Ventura CA.
Ventura Ca, Histoirc San BuenaVentura Shp Surf Stay Eat.
image of our taxi cabs
This image of taxi is working downtown Ventura picking up people.
Image of Gold Coast Cab Business Card
Logo for Gold Coast Cab & Airport Taxis
image of taxi cabs at players casino ventura picking up dropping off
Funny Taxi Cabs  Working in Ventura  CA, 
Fast Cab Taxi Service In Ventura Califor
Ventura Taxi Driver Shari Emoji Style im
image of our large taxis
Points of Interest in Ventura CA

In the city of Ventura there is no beter way to check out the historic sights Ventura has to offer then in a taxi. Our Driver know the local area. 



HISTORIC SAN BUENAVENTURA CITY HALL. Located at 501 Poli St Ventura, CA, 93001

image of the histoirc ventura court house

Know before you go.
Tourist info for Ventura CA. 

Are you new to Ventura? We can help with that, as taxi drivers we know where the best hotels and restaurants are in all of Ventura. Our driver will show you the goods and then not so goods of all in Ventura, Call for service and ask for a package deal for the tour of beautiful San Buenaventura.  

Taxi cabs ventura

Since 2007 our taxicab service has earned the trust of the people of Ventura and its sounding areas. You can depend on us for safe reliable taxi cab service. Our taxi service is open 24 hours 7 days a week and never closed. We accept all major credit and debit cards with a minimum of $10 charge. As a taxi business we understand how important speedy pickup times are. When you call for a taxi you are usually in a hurry…..We Get It!…..We won’t lie to you, we will always give you an honest pickup time & leave it up to you to choose to wait or not. Our average pickup time is 20 minutes. Our taxis are registered as commercial vehicles with the DMV and commercially insured as well, Unlike the ride-share companies popping up all over the place. The ride-share companies use privet peoples cars with “NO Commercial Licenses Plate on the Vehicle or Commercial Insurance”. Our taxi drivers are background checked, drug tested and alcohol test by the local city police department. Ride-share companies hire the drivers online and never meet the people that drive you around in there none commercially insured vehicles they use.
Reliability is key for consumer repeatability. We know we are reliable because 80% of our business is repeat cliental. Some of our clients have been using our taxi service since we opened in 2007. If you haven’t tried our service you are missing out and, you may be paying more than you should. Remember this…. if at any time you are not happy with our taxi service it’s free. We are so confident you will love our business we guarantee our service. While we are not without flaws we work hard to care for the needs of our clients. Any and all feedback is welcome. Feedback on Google Yelp Bing Facebook or Email us
From all of us here at “Cab 4 You” we thank you for your time and appreciate your business.

image a taxicab working in ventura ca.
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