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On this page you will find all our taxicab service reviews.

Verified Reviews

Thank you for taking the time to write and post your experience with our taxi cab company. Remember if your not happy with our service We want to know about it.

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“Again, thank you for your repeat business and postings.

  1. Jana Devine

  2. Gabriella Fernandez

  3. Weast Keeter

  4. Manuel Cortez

  5. Damon Gilmer

  6. Sandra Kay

  7. Donna C

  8. Sara Cruz

  9. Stephanie Payson

  10. jandae matthews

  11. Jose H

  12. Homeless Man

  13. Debbie

  14. Frank Montros

  15. daniel porras

  16. Talameafaasolo Aina

  17. Isaac Iribarren

  18. B Gee

  19. Thomas A O Kelly

  20. john-isaac tafoya

  21. Daniel Vargas

  22. cory lopez

  23. Geraldine Pebdani

  24. Angel Sanchez

  25. Jasmin Pezze

  26. Therese W.

  27. Ace B.

  28. Sam T.

  29. Jules R.

  30. Annelore L.

  31. Deanna l.

  32. Emilie H.

  33. Jane J.

  34. Sara A.

  35. James P.

  36. Jenee H.

  37. H. W.

  38. Amanda C.

  39. Bryanna M.

  40. Iesha A.

  41. Tony C.

  42. Talya M.

  43. Stephen S.

  44. Allie O.

  45. Athemyst Z.

  46. Drew C.

  47. Cracker J.

  48. Mick Man

  49. Janet Lopez

  50. Eric Chan

  51. Stan Augustyniewicz

If you post a review for us. Keep your phone handy. We will be calling you to verify it’s really you writing it.

Fake Reviews

We believe that Abdellatif Bendaoud a disgruntled EX Taxi Driver for Gold Coast Cab is the one responsible for most or all of the reviews posted below. You take a look and see what you think.


NOT all the reviews are posted at Gold Coast Cab. Some of them are at other local taxi companies trying to compete. 


1.  Brian Wilson Reviews & Photos 

2. H Louif Reviews & Photos

3. Ricco Lavanza Reviews & Photos

4. Abdellatif Bendaoud Reviews & Photos

5. Ronda Fray Reviews & Photos

6. Johnny Lopez Reviews & Photos

7. Cornel Dubois Reviews & Photos

8. Christina Piller Reviews & Photos

9 John Perez Reviews 

10. Jasmin Pezze Reviews

11. Rosie’s Cleaning Reviews

12. Mariah Mahl Reviews & Photos

13. Ricci Lopez Reviews

14. Tricia Doods Reviews & Photos

15. Amber Charmouta Reviews 

16.Amber Martinez Review

17. Daniel Carmona Posted Review.

18. Rico Lopez Posted Review

19. Krystal Blue

20. Ricci Lavanzo 

21. Gaetan Easton Posted Review

22. Ashlee Davidson Posted Review 

23. Ventura Victims Advocacy F. R Posted Review

24. Codey B Posted Review

25. tony duong Posted Review

26. Megan Thomas Posted Review

27. villa elacion Posted Review

28. Ricco Lavanza Posted Reviews & Photos

29. Christina P Posted Review

30. trolling boss Posted Review

31. Bean Jay Reviews Oxnard Taxi Taxi

32. Julie C. Reviews Gold Coast Cab

33. Kari L. Reviews Gold Coast Cab

34. Lisa A. Reviews Gold Coast Cab

35. Christina P. Reviews Gold Coast Cab

36. Melissa M. Reviews Gold Coast Cab

37. Jones M.& Leslie A. & John P. & Mauricio G. 

38. Removed By Yelp Fake Reviews

39. Sean C. Reviews his own company

40. Jaz Andrade Reviews his own company

41. Matty Worrell Reviews his own company

42. kelly tierney Reviews his own company

43. Dani Vine Reviews his own company

44.  Jackie L. Reviews Gold Coast Cab

45. Mariah M. Reviews Gold Coast Cab


      Our City Of Ventura Business License #130015508

We are the only taxi cab company that has a Ventura business license. (THE ONLY TAXI CAB COMPANY) Obviously Mariah M is a fake review. Come see our business license posted on the wall in our office at 2176 N. Ventura Ave Ventura CA. 93001 or feel free to contact the city of Ventura Business Taxi Office at 805-658-4715

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