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Welcome to Santa Paula Taxi Service in Santa Paula CA.

In Santa Paula it’s was hard to find reliable transportation. In 2007 we started Gold Coast Cab of Santa Paula. We are always open 24 hours to service this area. Night or day Santa Paula taxi service (AKA Gold Coast) is always here for you. We provide the best taxi experience in Ventura County. We are the most dependable service in the local area. Go online and read reviews of the local taxi services near you and then you choose who to ride with. Our service has been serving your hotel for more than 10 years and wish to continue serving Santa Paula 24 hours 7 days a week for the next century.  

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Taxi to Santa Paula Hospital 825 N 10th St, Santa Paula, CA 93061

We provide service to the Santa Paula Hospital 24 hours a day 7 days per week. If you have an emergency and need medical help immediately please call 911. If you can wait for a short time and it's not life threatening then call for taxi service it cost much less than an ambulance. 

image of the hospital sign at santa paula hospital

Hospital  Website

Hospital Resources

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In The City Of Santa Paula. We have been open every day 24 hours since April 2007.

Providing the best taxi service in Santa Paula.

  We provide the best taxi experience in Ventura County. We are the most dependable service in the local area. Go online and read reviews of the local taxi services in the area and then you choose who to ride with. 

Our service has been serving your community, travelers and your hotels for more than 12 years and wish to continue our 24 hour service. We provide taxi service to all airports Lax, Burbank, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and many more. Order online and save huge to all airports. 

Ride-Share VS Taxi Service, Taxi companies undergo intensive state background checks by law enforcement officials. Ride-Share Unregulated. 

   Taxi companies have special permits and plenty of restrictions e.g. (restrictions on coverage area, color of taxi, condition of taxi, location work restrictions, weight permits & Fees, commercial registration fees, taxi owner permit fees, taxi driver permit fees, & more). The taxi company must abide by the rules and regulations to provide service to its citizens. Now if the taxi company wishes to operate in any other cities, they will have to complete the same tasks, pay the fees again for that city as well as each city they wish to service.

     Taxi companies have these restrictions & regulations to protect the citizens that ride. These laws were created over 100 years ago with many revised ordinances and amendments to the laws since then. We are the people, we are the US and we should care about our own citizens, kids’ parents’ sisters and brothers. Ride-Share Companies do the same exact service but do this in their own “private cars”. “No Restrictions and no permits”.  Taxicab Companies are being replaced by companies that offer the same service for 60% less money. Hello…. who is making money here…not the driver? How many people do you know that make Ride-Share a career? Ride-Share companies have taken more than 85% of all taxi business. These companies have made “billions” in just a few years. The companies are making profit and the drivers are not. The average time drivers stay at Ride-Share companies is only 3 months. The United States of America and its Government has allowed this to happen. That’s us!... People Wake UP!..  Big money and powerful people control our lives. They keep us so dammed busy we just don't have the time to think or even care about this issue. Big revenue taken….. and very little coming back to our communities. This is a huge problem. The billions in revenue should be spent in its own local economy.  

    In years past companies like Yellow Cab, Checker Cab and hundreds of other taxicab companies have made this job not just a career but a way of life. Stereotyped as they are, cab drivers still undergo the intensive regulations and abide by those laws. Just like a restaurant has regulations by the health department and state, or a hair stylist must pay and apply for a tax permit “for each city they work in”. Ride-Share Companies cost so little to go from point A to point B it’s a no-brainer.

Here is the downside to Ride-Share. The economy is the worst hit and most of us won’t even notice for the first few years. With all the private cars replacing commercially registered taxis, “the loss of revenue to the local state's DMV is huge”. The local city tax revenue from all the lost taxi companies and taxi drivers is a huge loss of local city taxes. Ride-Share Drivers are not required to purchase tax permits unlike a taxi driver must purchase a tax permit in each city they work in. The revenue lost is huge and being sucked up by the Ride-Share Companies.

   The biggest scam in the world is total control of its people, allowing them to know this, and still control them, without them even caring.

image of Ride-Share cars working in Santa Paula CA.

Ride-Share ~VS~ Taxi Service

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image of a fleet of taxi vans and taxi sedans working in Santa Paula California USA

Santa Paula History

The original inhabitants of Santa Paula and its neighboring areas were a Native American tribe called the Chumash. The name of this city is based upon the Catholic Saint Paula. The city suffered from great destruction due to the failure of the St. Francis Dam in 1928.

Santa Paula and Nearby Attractions

Things To Do In Santa Paula

Santa Paula is located among the citrus orchards of the Heritage Valley. Santa Paula is one of the cities of Ventura County, located just east of Downtown Ventura by 17 miles. The city itself is lively throughout the year because of the many special events that are arranged by the city. The Santa Paula Art and Photography Show is held in February every year. View the Floating Granite Ball at 144 N. Ojai St. Santa Paula Near The RR Tracks. There are many things to do in Santa Paula.

Santa Paula Transportation

Santa Paula Airport Association

Oxnard Airport.

Santa Paula Higher Education

The local college is Thomas Aquinas College.

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Use Our Taxi Service to or From Santa Paula Parks & Recreations

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