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#1 Most Frequently Asked Questions About 
Taxi Cab Service

Most Commonly Ask Questions About Taxi Cabs

Answers to Your Questions Here & Now

  1. How much do taxis cost?

  2. What time do you close?

  3. Where can I get service?

  4. How many people can ride?

  5. How many hours can I use the taxi?

  6. How far can I go in the taxi?

  7. What is the charge for waiting?

  8. Can I bring my friends?

  9. Can you deliver for me?

  10. Do you transport bikes?

  11. Can I share the ride with others?

  12. Do you have large taxis?

  13. Can I taxi to the airport?

  14. What is the location of your taxis?

  15. Do you have military discounts?

  16. Can you taxi to Las Vegas?

  17. Do you except credit cards?

  18. How do I make taxi reservations?

  19. Can I get food at the driver thru?

  20. Do I pay before or after the taxi ride?

  21. Do I need to bring a child safety seat?

  22. Can I dink alcohol in the taxi?

  23. Can I send my child in the taxi by herself?

  24. Can I start a taxi account and bill monthly?

  25. Do you have weekly discounts for work?

  26. Do you have female taxi drivers?

  27. What area do you cover?

  28. Are you hiring taxi drivers.

  29. Can I smoke in the taxi?

  30. Do you have towncar service?

  31. Are you open on holidays?

  32. How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

  33. Do you rent your taxis?

  34. Can I get a taxi pick up at the Airport?

  35. Do you taxi vans or large taxis?

  36. Can I reserve a taxi for a large group?

  37. How do I get a taxi quote?

  38. Do you have designated driver service?

  39. How do I speak to the manager? 

  40. How long dose it take for a taxi to arrive after I request one.

  41. Can I use the taxi service every day?

  42. Can I set up a taxi account for a friend or family member?

  43. What is the best way to book a taxi?

  44. Do I have to give you my credit card info to book a taxi?

  45. Can I have a taxi receipt when I pay cash?

  46. Do you allow pets in the taxi?

  47. Can I take my surfboard in the taxi?

  48. Will the taxi driver help with my luggage?

  49. Do you take wheelchairs in the taxi?

  50. Can I have a cab for a day?

  51. Do your taxis do wine tours?

  52. Are your taxi cabs insured?

  53. How do I contact the business office?

  54. Can I advertise my business on your website?

  55. What kind of taxicabs can I book?

  56. What cities do your taxis work in?

  57. How fast can I get a taxi when I call?

  58. Can I have a taxi wait for me while I go shopping?

  59. Do I need a deposit to book a taxi online or by phone call?

  60. What color are your taxi cabs?

  61. Do you have taxi flat rates?

  1. Without any discounts the cost is 3.80 per mile.

  2. We are always open. 24 hour taxis since 2006

  3. Anywhere in Ventura County.

  4. You can fill the taxi until their are no more seat belts.

  5. As long as you like.

  6. You can go as far as your money takes you. 

  7. Our taxi wait time charge is $40.00 per each hour. 

  8. Yes bring all your friends and family. 

  9. Yes we can deliver goods and or packages.

  10. Yes our taxis accommodate all types of bikes.

  11. Yes all passengers ride for the price of one. 

  12. Our taxi company has large sedans and mini vans.

  13. Yes and we will give you a flat rate if you ask.

  14. We keep our taxis spread out all over the cities. 

  15. Yes we honor our military with a 20% discount.

  16. Yes we can take you out of state with advance notice.

  17. We except all major credit cards. 

  18. Book online and save 20% Off all taxi rides every day.

  19. Yes you can order food but just cant eat in the taxi.

  20. This all depends on the time of day and amount of money.

  21. Yes you will need a safety seat & set up in the taxi.

  22. No alcohol in the's the Law. Not up to us.

  23. Yes as long as the ride is set up by the parent or guardian.

  24. Yes we can discount your fair by 20% or even more.

  25. Yes...Taxi Weekly Rider Program.

  26. Yes we have mail and female drivers.

  27. We cover all the cities in Ventura County.

  28. We are always looking for good people to driver our taxis.

  29. No smoking in any of our cabs.

  30. Yes we can provide towncar service if ordered in advance. 

  31. We never close even on holidays. Open 24/7

  32. Please make taxi reservations no less than 45 ahead of time.

  33. Only specials for the movies only.

  34. Only if the airport is in Ventura County Camarillo or Oxnard.

  35. Yes our sedans are large and we have minivans.

  36. Yes just notify this on the extra info box on the taxi order form.

  37. You can call 805-444-6969 for any taxicab quote.

  38. Yes but it must be reserved no less than 6 hours in advance.

  39. Contact page with all phone numbers here.

  40. Generally 15 minutes depending on demand. 

  41. Our service is open every so yes you can use it every day.

  42. Yes we hold your credit card info and bill once a month.

  43. Online taxi reservation form and save 20% Off Online only.

  44. No not to book a taxi.

  45. Yes just ask the driver for a receipt.

  46. Yes our taxis are pet friendly.

  47. Yes our taxi vans can accommodate most any surfboard.

  48. Our drivers will always help with loading and unloading.

  49. Yes we can accommodate folding wheelchairs only.

  50. Yes you can keep the cab all day and night.

  51. Yes we handle all kinds of tours even wine tours.

  52. Yes our taxi cab are insured with commercial insurance. 

  53. Contact page has all info for contacting all of us.

  54. Yes we have a great advertising package. Contact Jim.

  55. Taxi Mini Vans, Taxi Sedans. SUV's with 24 hour notice.

  56. We work mostly the west side cities of Ventura County.

  57. Our average is 15 minutes but will depend on demand.

  58. Yes you can have the taxi wait.

  59. No deposit needed to reserve a taxi online or by phone.

  60. We have many different color taxis. Look Here.

  61. Yes flat are given for long distance taxi rides or weekly rides.

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